Crea Digital - Digital Marketing and Data Analysis Solutions

  • Markham, ON
Be found on Google. Canadian's leading SEO company based in Toronto. Services include Local SEO, Paid Advertising, Web Design, and Content Marketing

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  • 7 ratings
Esperanza V.,WebMetric
Esperanza V.
Amazing SEO and web design services. Yury helped my brand grow on Google fast and effectively. I am very grateful for their efforts to make my business successful
Jessica R.,WebMetric
Jessica R.
They put my business on the first page of Google with seo super fast! Thanks
Maria C.,WebMetric
Maria C.
I hired crea digital for an SEO and web design services in vaughan. They were transparent and quick with their results. Very pleased with their programs

LONERGAN Google/YouTube Marketing Genius

  • York, ON
Certified Google Ads, YouTube Consultant and Search Marketing Professional in Toronto. Specializing in all things Google and YouTube Advertising. Call for a Free Consultation

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  • 27 ratings
Chande &.,WebMetric
Chande &.
I have no hesitation in recommending David to manage your Google AdWords campaign. Prior to working with David, I was with a large well known digital agency. After being disappointed with their results, I stopped working with them and started searching for an AdWords manager th...
Hannah E.,WebMetric
Hannah E.
David has now done two sessions with me and I am already looking forward to the next. He has been so patient teaching me from scratch, with no prior knowledge on Google/Youtube. I now feel comfortable using the platform and can understand what I'm doing not just on a surface leve...
Richard L.,WebMetric
Richard L.
Lonergan Consulting has saved us TONS of money! Their help with Google Adwords improved our follow through numbers, and did so at a much cheaper cost than what we were paying. Definitely worth the money.

  • Toronto, ON
Experience a top-rated only evidence-based Best SEO Toronto Company. ✅ Dominate your industry with Leading Canada SEO Agency.

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  • 23 ratings
Detailing-Pro A.,WebMetric
Detailing-Pro A.
The #1 SEO company in Canada 🇨🇦 this guys are professionally incredible and super friendly stays always on top of our requests and keeps us busy all year around. Any question or concerns they're right there for us 24/7 Very recommended to any small or big Company. Try them...
Internet S.,WebMetric
Internet S.
Amazing SEO company. I've had great interactions with them over the years.
Julia P.,WebMetric
Julia P.
Anton was assigned one of the big projects of our business and we are happy to say that it as a job well done. The work ethic he maintained throughout the project together with his incredible attention to detail is really praiseworthy. Truly brilliant stuff from the guy and his t...

Awkward Media - A Creative Marketing Agency

  • Toronto, ON
Awkward Media is the best SEO company Toronto. Our advanced SEO will help you to grow your Firm up to 6X faster than your competitors.Call us 905-534-2484

  • Marketing Agency
  • SEM
  • 4.6
  • 34 ratings
Manrose .,WebMetric
Manrose .
I hired Awkward Media to outsource my digital marketing services, best digital decision I ever made, my life is 10x easier now. All I have to do is text them for updates and changes. AM is very punctual, experienced, and talented in their line of business.
Mona D.,WebMetric
Mona D.
Don't let the name fool you. These guys are serious when it comes to creative marketing solutions for your business. They stepped in and took over all channels and within a year our sales went through the roof. Don't hesitate for a second! Thanks guys!
Oliver H.,WebMetric
Oliver H.
Incredible agency that flat out delivers results. They helped increase our revenue by 5x in the first 4 months with our Facebook Ads campaign! Highly recommended.

I Know SEO

  • Toronto, ON
Get more traffic, leads and customers with organic and local SEO services offered by professional SEO expert and SEO consultant. Grow your revenue with effective SEO strategies.

  • Marketing Agency
  • SEM
  • 4.7
  • 12 ratings
Christopher J.,WebMetric
Christopher J.
I was looking for a good SEO company as the reach of my business was not up to the mark. I came across this company on the internet and this was literally the best thing that happened. I called this company and got connected with an SEO expert who told me everything that I needed...
Cory W.,WebMetric
Cory W.
I spent a lot of time looking for the right SEO services and Mike was quite different in his approach of explaining SEO analysis and expected ranking and traffic improvements for my site. Most SEO companies wouldn’t even bother to send a proposal and their prices were way over ...
Darren B.,WebMetric
Darren B.
I have worked with I Know SEO for the past 8 months and have been really impressed by the SEO service overall. Mike is a pleasure to work with, extremely prompt to reply to e-mails & has delivered results, improving our Google rankings to page one for keywords terms within 6 mont...


  • Toronto, ON
Increase Visibility with SEO, Attract Leads with PPC and Build Brand with Social Media.

  • Marketing Agency
  • Training SEO
  • SEM
  • 4.4
  • 9 ratings
Body L.,WebMetric
Body L.
Best descion we made getting SEO services. Brock and his team are fist rate! They helped us attract the clients we needed!
D P.,WebMetric
D P.
We've worked with SEO+ for 1.5 yrs. Big plus for us these guys worked out the bugs in our website, Google My Business listings and have been taking care of maintenance and monthly content updates. The results of the SEO are not too great, but it's hard to separate contributions ...
De N.,WebMetric
De N.
I had an experience with this company. Highly recommended!

Yopie - Internet Marketing Company | PPC

  • Toronto, ON
We bring you the leads, better than other internet marketing companies, PPC, web design and a professional SEO services agency. As seen on Fox, ABC, NBC and CBS.

  • Marketing Agency
  • SEM
  • 5
  • 77 ratings
Doris P.,WebMetric
Doris P.
Thanks for your clear and friendly service, Rob. We do a lot of our Shopify tasks on our own but there are times when we need professional help. Yopie was quick to reply and solve our problems, they let us get on with the demands of the business. That is exactly what I was lookin...
Kevin B.,WebMetric
Kevin B.
I considered our company a significant client of Yopie and was very impressed that Rob and Mike, the owners, personally oversaw the entire campaign and launch of our website re-design. Mike cares very much about their clients experience and happiness. I hold Mike personally in th...
Lynn M.,WebMetric
Lynn M.
Our company worked with Yopie all 2018, during the On-boarding call, their team really tried to understand our business which was really great, it's important to get everything aligned before beginning a campaign of this magnitude. Their technical suggestions were incredible and ...

OrangePie™ Marketing

  • Scarborough, ON

  • Marketing Agency
  • SEM
  • 5
  • 19 ratings
Fusion G.,WebMetric
Fusion G.
Very happy with their work. What we loved the most was they came with a complete plan and exactly how we can reach our customers. Being a new restaurant we had a lot of competition in the area they helped us rank higher than other restaurants in the are who have been around for y...
Gyan G.,WebMetric
Gyan G.
Orangepie uses latest data technologies in digital marketing. So all the work done by this great company is up to date, efficient and data-driven. I would love to use their services again in near future. Thanks.
Karahi P.,WebMetric
Karahi P.
Thank you Nihaal for your services to us. We are happy that you are taking care of our marketing with utmost professionalism and care. We would be happy to recommend you to any other business.! We will keep working together and grow, with your inovative ideas and efforts.! Glad t...
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