BOOST Groupe conseil inc.

  • Québec, QC
Avec BOOST Groupe Conseil, travaillez avec des experts en stratégies, en opérations et en ressources humaines qui ont une réelle expérience sur le terrain.

  • 4.6
  • 25 notes
Agence M.,WebMetric
Agence M.
For experience expertise accompanied by competent and courteous staff. I recommend Boost to reach your goals faster than you think!
Anick L.,WebMetric
Anick L.
They are professionals with great business expertise. The team offers a very complete offer in business strategies, succession plan, HR, training and recruitment! Do not hesitate to contact them, I recommend it.
Cose A.,WebMetric
Cose A.
I have called on BOOST Groupe Conseil's services on numerous occasions. They are very professional people who have served us very well. Congratulations to the whole team.

Allstream IT

  • Québec, QC
Allstream is a North American supplier of business voice, collaboration, connectivity and managed IT solutions. Get mission-critical business solutions.

  • 3
  • 6 notes

Soluvox Communications

  • Québec, QC
Gestion de communautés, Service téléphonique 24h, centrale d'appels, centre d'appels, réceptionniste à distance

  • 4.4
  • 15 notes
Jonathan W.,WebMetric
Jonathan W.
I am a painter and owner of rental property. I received an astronomical quantity of telephone. Now with the call center I improve my quality of life and there is always a person to take my calls and communicate emergencies to me by text messages. A great team!
Loic .,WebMetric
Loic .
Since we have used their services this has transformed our lives! Very good customer service. We are delighted.
Mathieu B.,WebMetric
Mathieu B.
Best phone service I used


  • Québec, QC
Étant une entreprise de télémarketing, Maxgo offre à Québec plusieurs solutions commerciales dont le service de centre d'appel et de téléprospection.

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Carole M.,WebMetric
Carole M.
I am a Maxgo employee and our customers are very satisfied with our services. In addition, we receive thanks from them, that the service we offer them is exemplary.
Christian C.,WebMetric
Christian C.
I work for Maxgo and we have a customer approach. We take our work to heart and our clientele is very diverse. Maxgo's experience and know-how is recognized throughout Quebec.
Mélanie L.,WebMetric
Mélanie L.
Passionate about their work des and courteous employees I miss you Maxgo's gang continue your fine work


  • Québec, QC
Our services have been designed to evolve and progress in sync with market demand who require the best knowledge and the most precise strategies.

  • Étude de marché
  • Marketing par courriel
  • Service de Télémarketing
  • 4.3
  • 24 notes
Catherine D.,WebMetric
Catherine D.
A reliable, expert and professional team you can count on! They quickly understood our needs and objectives while having a more global vision of our reality.
Cr R.,WebMetric
Cr R.
Precise surveys with a personalized approach. Real specialists.
Martin J.,WebMetric
Martin J.
The Léger team offers exceptional expertise. They are leading partners in fine-tuning consumer behavior across Canada. We are happy to be able to collaborate with such a great team.
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