Automotive Training Centre Montreal

  • Montréal, QC
The Automotive Training Centre (ATC) offers courses and programs that prepare students to become car experts. Offline & online options available. Learn more!

  • 3.7
  • 10 notes
Charles F.,WebMetric
Charles F.
The is a great school!!!

Asiatis Translation Services

  • Montréal, QC
Certified Translation Services in Montreal, Quebec with over 20 years of experience providing translation services.

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  • 39 notes
Christopher L.,WebMetric
Christopher L.
Professional customer service at its finest. Thank you everybody at asiatis translation. Peace out and pay it forward everybody
racha i.,WebMetric
racha i.
Great service! And so professional..I highly recommend this place ..they have great team They answer very quickly and they have great customer service..foe sure I will be always do my translations with them !
UMORA j.,WebMetric
I had an urgent translation front Russian into French, so the agency helped me with the issue with high quality, good price and kind attitude to my problem. So, I highly recommend their services. Thanks a lot, Asiatis
Erik D.,WebMetric
Erik D.
Transaction is done superbly and exactly how it should be expected in today's fast paced world, with ease on the clients part and efficiency on the professional's. Final Product is perfect and the price great. Trust in Sigurd's professionalism, contact him and get a quote.
Ivan S.,WebMetric
Ivan S.
Super professionnel et efficace. Traductions reçues en quelques jours. Merci Sigurd !
jean b.,WebMetric
jean b.
Félicitation à toi Sigurd et toute ton équipe,vous avez fait un travail soigné et professionnel.Bravo et encore un gros merci de moi même ainsi que ma conjointe.

Oufsst | Formation Chariot Élévateurs Training Nacelle - Training Pont-Roulant Formation Simdut

  • Montréal, QC
OUFSST est spécialisé dans la formation cariste et d'opérateur sur divers types d'équipements de manutention, la référence en formation SST à Montréal.

  • 4.6
  • 9 notes
jean-michel d.,WebMetric
jean-michel d.
I am a trainer at OUFSST. It is a real pleasure to work in this training center, because there is a friendly atmosphere between trainers, clients and all the people who work in the offices of the company. It is very rewarding to be able to help people find a job through our tra...
Nino R.,WebMetric
Nino R.
Complete and very relevant training up to date.
Vicky T.,WebMetric
Vicky T.
I have often used their services as in-company trainers: professional and friendly trainers. Their training is updated regularly with videos and exercises. Even in Spanish! They adapt on equipment in companies for practice. An assessment of learning is done and a professional poc...
Clement M.,WebMetric
Clement M.
Service impeccable. Merci !
Corentin B.,WebMetric
Corentin B.
Merci pour votre travail très rapide ++++ Thanks for your very fast work ++++
James H.,WebMetric
James H.
Your service is incredible. Had a bunch of product labels to translate to French and it was taken care of on the same day. Really happy to have found a fast and reliable solution like this one.
Alena K.,WebMetric
Alena K.
Je m'adressais à Serghei plusieurs fois pour traduire les documents et j'avais toujours une bonne expérience. Il travaille toujours vite et son travail est toujours correcte!
Gagik A.,WebMetric
Gagik A.
Bon travail, rapid et courtois.
Sergiu B.,WebMetric
Sergiu B.
Toujours le meilleur! 100% Quality
Ahmed A.,WebMetric
Ahmed A.
Top notch translation company. They are efficient, fast and professional. I was surprised with their turnaround time and dedication in making sure i receive my translated documents. I highly recommend them.
Madalin I.,WebMetric
Madalin I.
I needed an emergency traduction, Friday envening , and Prozglot Inc. made it for Saturday, it was amazing. Greatly recomend it !!
Mian N.,WebMetric
Mian N.
Wonderful experience with Team Prozglot , Projects completed on time. Highly recommended and surely 5 star service.
Antonio L.,WebMetric
Antonio L.
I wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys did a really good job. I am glad I decided to work with you. Thank you guys!
Asad H.,WebMetric
Asad H.
Got a certified translation for a document in Urdu. Professional and fast service, timely response, very satisfied with service.
Bakongo F.,WebMetric
Bakongo F.
Fast and professional work done
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