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What do you think about Unikeo Sports inc (Montreal) ?

France F.,WebMetric
  • by France F.
  • |
  • 15th July, 2020

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The Unikéo agency shows professionalism in our collaboration which has lasted for over a year now. Great confidence and quality work, which helps us achieve our goals.

  • by Samlé.z
  • |
  • 15th July, 2020

What do you think about Unikeo Sports inc a Email Marketing services provided in Montreal ?

This is one of my best discoveries at dawn when multiple companies are flourishing every day, and the competition is tough I would say! I've tried several companies before and this is the only company that has made me and still earns money. I recommend it 1000%.

Vinyl S.,WebMetric
  • by Vinyl S.
  • |
  • 14th July, 2020

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Working with Unikeo for more than 3 years on the management of my ephemeral destocking events as well as the community management of my online store, they have done the following: 1 / Unparalleled professionalism for the creation of a tailor-made digital strategy linked to my activity 2 / With a serious meaning in post communication and development management, with a precise retransmission of the strong and weak points of my company. 3 / They are always up to date with developments and innovations in online business management. I highly recommend them for their seriousness and responsiveness

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