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Quels sont les services de Soap Media Inc. Digital Marketing à Kanata ?

Soap Media is a full-service digital marketing agency offering SEO, PPC, social media management and website design and development.

Que pensez-vous de Soap Media Inc. Digital Marketing (Kanata) ?

Brad B.,WebMetric
  • par Brad B.
  • |
  • 29th April, 2020

Recommandez-vous Soap Media Inc. Digital Marketing ce Agence de Marketing Web à Kanata ?

SOAP MEDIA (JESSE & ED) have been instrumental to our business, they are extremely engaged in listening to our wants and needs and have developed a strategy that works for all parties involved. Their reactive approach has allowed us to be real-time in tune with our market and adjust on the fly to maximize our digital spend. I highly recommend Soap Media!

Chris Y.,WebMetric
  • par Chris Y.
  • |
  • 3rd December, 2019

Que pensez-vous des services de Soap Media Inc. Digital Marketing ce Agence de Marketing Web à Kanata ?

SOAP Media has been a tremendous partner of ours. We hired Ed and the SOAP team close to a year ago to help augment the SEO/SEM aspects of our Digital Marketing. The team not only brings a strong technical expertise to managing and executing digital marketing strategies, they were also able to quickly grasp the overall direction of our branding/marketing and translate that back into their work. Finally, what truly separates Ed and the team from the rest is their focus on their clients; they are willing to put in the work for you. I highly recommend this reliable and trustworthy team. We look forward to hitting the next milestones together!

Curtis L.,WebMetric
  • par Curtis L.
  • |
  • 5th June, 2020

Avez-vous aimé votre visite de Soap Media Inc. Digital Marketing ce Agence de Marketing Web à Kanata ?

Jesse, Ed and their team have been instrumental in driving our lead acquisition costs down, as well as greatly improving our SEO for organic search results They have never let us down. Curtis locke, Head of Customer Success at TutorOcean

SWAT W.,WebMetric
  • par SWAT W.
  • |
  • 1st September, 2020

Comment Soap Media Inc. Digital Marketing ce Agence de Marketing Web vous à servi à Kanata ?

I’ve been using Soap media for a couple years now and I can’t say enough! Over the past decade I have went through more than my fair share of SEO company’s and everyone of them were the same for me. Great results out the gate and then poor results with no real explanation. When I ask what is the problem or the fix, it was always the same answer spend more $$$. Soap has consistently helped grow my business since we first starting working together, sure their are a few ups downs but thats business and they do a great job of communicating why these trends are happening. I can’t say enough about Ed, Jesse and now kerem. Great company!

Tony E.,WebMetric
  • par Tony E.
  • |
  • 29th April, 2020

Que pouvez-vous nous dire à propos des services de Agence de Marketing Web offert à Kanata par Soap Media Inc. Digital Marketing ?

We have been searching for a company that has a personal experience for what we required for our needs and wants. It’s been a real breath of fresh air to meet the individuals behind such a good company. They are always striving to please. Great job SOAP!!!

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