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What are Marie Morneau Communication 's services in Lac-Beauport ?

C'est avec beaucoup de fierté que je vous présente une sélection des aquarelles et mosaïques que j'ai réalisées au cours des dernières années.

What do you think about Marie Morneau Communication (Lac-Beauport) ?

Catherine L.,WebMetric
  • by Catherine L.
  • |
  • 4th December, 2018

Will you recommend Marie Morneau Communication a Public relations firm in Lac-Beauport ?

I had the chance to use Marie Morneau's services several times and I have always been very satisfied. The results have even exceeded my expectations. Ms. Morneau is probably one of the best public relations professionals in Quebec and the excellence of her work reflects her great credibility in the media environment, the relevance and extent of her contacts and her extraordinary ability to see and develop the potential multiple projects, driven by both large, well-established companies and young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas.

Dominic B.,WebMetric
  • by Dominic B.
  • |
  • 4th June, 2019

What do you think about Marie Morneau Communication a Public relations firm services provided in Lac-Beauport ?

We collaborated with Marie for our organization (Quebec Suicide Prevention Center). Professionalism, competence and excellent understanding of our reality. It was a real pleasure to work with Marie! I highly recommend it for all communication and public relations mandates.

Le M.,WebMetric
  • by Le M.
  • |
  • 11th January, 2019

Did you like your visit with Marie Morneau Communication a Public relations firm in Lac-Beauport ?

We appreciated Marie's professionalism, efficiency and dynamism. His great experience accompanied us and was greatly helpful in a period when our organization was little known, the very year of its opening. Thank you Marie!

Micheline V.,WebMetric
  • by Micheline V.
  • |
  • 22nd November, 2018

How did Marie Morneau Communication this Public relations firm served you in Lac-Beauport ?

12 years already and his passion is intact !! What a pleasure to work with Marie! Funny, endearing, cultured and competent, she knows music. The results of the mandates that I entrusted to him have always been a success, beyond my expectations. Thank you Marie, happy birthday and good road !!

Sutton B.,WebMetric
  • by Sutton B.
  • |
  • 14th January, 2019

What could you say about Public relations firm services provided in Lac-Beauport by Marie Morneau Communication ?

Marie Morneau worked to help us put together a ''from scratch'' communication plan. She knew how to make her experience, know-how and professionalism useful by creating a pleasant working atmosphere. His efficiency and determination has clearly helped us in our early days. Thanks again Marie!

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