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What do you think about NKPR (Toronto) ?

Cristina R.,WebMetric
  • by Cristina R.
  • |
  • 4th October, 2018

Will you recommend NKPR a Public relations firm in Toronto ?

NKPR is an incredible PR agency; they are smart, creative, friendly and go above and beyond to exceed client expectations. Working for them has been incredible - would highly recommend to anyone as a place of employment or for any PR needs!

laiba f.,WebMetric
  • by laiba f.
  • |
  • 5th October, 2018

What do you think about NKPR a Public relations firm services provided in Toronto ?

NKPR is a remarkable agency. The team is composed of hard-working, fun and motivated individuals, who go above and beyond to exceed client expectations. The company culture is welcoming, understanding and encourages individuals to learn. Having the opportunity to learn & work here has been one of my most rewarding and enriching experiences! I highly recommend NKPR not only for PR services, but also as an incredible place of employment.

Wayne &.,WebMetric
  • by Wayne &.
  • |
  • 14th September, 2020

Did you like your visit with NKPR a Public relations firm in Toronto ?

If there is one word to describe NKPR, it's VISIONARY. Natasha Koifman has vision and her Team of astute business professionals truly are the hightest standard for Public Relations, Branding and Vision when it comes enhancing the foundation of Canada's biggest & most recognized brands. We are grateful for always having Natasha Koifman as our Keynote Speaker at The Buzz Conference. She shares converations with influential industry partners that are pivital to elevating consumer experiences through brand messaging, brand image & brand voice and more. Thank you everyone at NKPR for the work you do. We are big fans!

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