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What are Fusion Photography 's services in LaSalle ?

With over 10 years of experience Santino Matrundola is a montreal based photographer. Santino is a commercial photographer specializing in weddings.

What do you think about Fusion Photography (LaSalle) ?

Edgar F.,WebMetric
  • by Edgar F.
  • |
  • 30th January, 2017

Will you recommend Fusion Photography a Photographer in LaSalle ?

Santino is an artist!!!

Frankie G.,WebMetric
  • by Frankie G.
  • |
  • 2nd May, 2017

What do you think about Fusion Photography a Photographer services provided in LaSalle ?

Worked with Santino many times. Super easy to work with and their product is amazing. Highly recommend Fusion Photography. You won't be disappointed.

stef t.,WebMetric
  • by stef t.
  • |
  • 3rd September, 2019

Did you like your visit with Fusion Photography a Photographer in LaSalle ?

I was the best man at my friends wedding, dreading the photographer because I know they can be hard to work with. I hear people say that when you are good at what you do, you don't need to be nice to people. That was not at all the case! Not only was he and his partner the most amazing people, they worked with us and surpassed any expectation we had. I felt like I even made a great friend. When the photos were posted(some were ready the very next day!) I was blown away by the quality and craftsmanship. Santino has a spectacular talent finding beautiful photo opportunities in any location. Would suggest him to anyone and everyone, and you better believe I'm calling him when its my turn.

Valter P.,WebMetric
  • by Valter P.
  • |
  • 4th March, 2018

How did Fusion Photography this Photographer served you in LaSalle ?

Amazing photographer and studio! Thank you!

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